Can Your Small Staff Association Support a Mobile App?

Here’s a hot take that may blow your mind: Everybody uses mobile devices.

[Insert sarcasm.]

Whether you’re the baby boomer, the Generation Xer or the millennial, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re using a mobile device in some capacity. There are so many different models of smartphone and cellphone out there … and the hardest test of the day – if anyone chooses to accept it – could be finding a person without a mobile device.

In fact, carrying a mobile device, to some, is more important than carrying a wallet. Perhaps even more important than wearing a watch. Maybe, to some, even – and no, this is not a stretch – wearing clothes altogether.

In an article by Community Brands, a study determined that 64% of surveyed members of professional organizations felt lost if they left their phone at home. Per the study, 56% admitted that checking their phone when it rings or gives off a notification is mandatory.

Mobile devices are used for pretty much everything in today’s age – and it’s that reason alone why more small staff associations should consider supporting a mobile app. There are millions of apps available through Apple and Google by way of the Apple App Store or Google Play, respectively. Among these apps are the ones that work in favor of associations from a business perspective.

Digital marketing and B2B networking are forever changing for the better, and associations utilizing their own mobile apps are one more way for them to separate from other companies in a competitive market.

There are those asking why even bother … here are three reasons why.

Ongoing communication

We’ve heard this for forever: Communication is key. And while communication now comes in a variety of forms, those three words remain as powerful as the first time they were ever formed to make a sentence.

A strong mobile app will allow an association to deliver all of its published content to an individual. It will serve as a primary resource and a trusted communication source.

In this article by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) spoke about how effective a mobile app has been for its association. Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe said NALC uses its app not only to provide content but also to provide member feedback.

“I would encourage people to certainly look into the possibility of using it,” Renfroe said, “to not only provide information as a resource, but as a communication piece.”

Creating member engagement

When discussing member interaction, we are in the age of using social media to interact with the online community. Using an app to connect with members — and interact with members — is a must.

The use of a mobile app can help to build an online community, as well as to drive engagement by connecting members with your organization and, also, with each other. The power of push notifications can make life easier for members to have immediate access to information.

Going back to that Community Brands article, one relevant thought and question was brought to the table: “Your members’ smartphones allow them to carry out activities in their daily lives — from responding to a friend request on Facebook and viewing a job posted on LinkedIn to knowing their Uber has arrived. Why should your members’ interactions with your association be any different?”

Successful data analytics

A recent MemberClicks article gives an interesting nugget. It mentions that while everyone uses mobile devices, everyone does not use social media. It’s true: Phone calls are always made. However, you don’t see everyone on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or whatever your favorite social media go-to is.

How does this work into an association’s favor for supporting a mobile app? Per the article, if you use a web analytics program (such as Google Analytics), an app could assist in showing how people access your website. It can track whether access takes place either by computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Most people are never more than 10 feet away from their mobile phones,” the article states. “Members should have easy access to your association on those devices.”

Having a solid mobile strategy is just another way of dominating the digital marketing trend and scoring another victory in a competitive industry. An association supporting a mobile app can be vital in growth.
We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that.” Why not let “that” work for your association?

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