Take your association’s career center to the next level using social media

by Tara Pawlak

Job opportunities are among the most important benefits to your members. Here’s how to give your job board a boost using social media.

The Member Engagement and Loyalty Study by Community Brands highlights a trend seen across multiple Community Brands studies: Job opportunities are important for acquisition as well as retention – especially among those early in their careers.

The study also shows that while job opportunities are important to members, organizations have work to do in this area. Member viewpoints about the topic of job opportunities differ from those of professionals who work at associations (Pros).

These disconnects suggest that more time, attention, and marketing focus should be placed on how professional membership organizations help members get the right job and advance their career. In short: It’s time to take your association’s career center to the next level.

With the right technology and some proven techniques, your online career center can be a great source of engagement (and even added revenue) for your organization.

One strategy for a successful career center is to drive passive job seekers to your job board. These are members (and potential members) who are employed and are not actively seeking a new job but would look at job opportunities that are presented to them.

Using social media is an effective, and increasingly popular, way to engage passive job seekers with job postings. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter make it relatively easy to reach passive candidates.

Here are five ways to use social media to reach passive job seekers and grow your career center:

  1. Tweet promotional messages.
    Tweet a career center promotional message geared toward employers one day per week. Do the same for job seekers on another day of the week.
  2. Build your brand via advertising.
    Develop your career center brand among the more than 2.27 billion people who use Facebook – 66 percent of which visit every day – through Facebook advertising. Set the budget, target your audience, and present a call to action. Then measure the results.
  3. Update your status regularly.
    Update your Facebook and/or LinkedIn status at least once each week with a link to your career center. Remember to include career center data such as the number of jobs you currently list, the number of resumes, the number of registered job seekers, or the number of employers registered. Use this channel to promote your career events as well.
  4. Ask users to share your updates.
    Ask users to share your career center promotional status updates on their social media profiles. When they do, your account will be alerted. Be sure to reach out with a personal thank you to those who share.
  5. Share your career center emails.
    Link to the web version of your email with a social status update or group message. For example, “Get your job into the inboxes of 5,000 pharmacists.” Or provide the number of new jobs recently posted.

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