Making Member Engagement Easy: A Monthly Checklist By Callie Walker

When it comes to my work style — and lifestyle — the one thing I can’t function without (or function well without, I should say) is a checklist. I make checklists for everything: daily work tasks, errands, groceries…the list (pun intended) goes on and on. 

And though it might sound silly, I know I’m not the only one who loves a good list. Many people like them because they bring focus (and sometimes even order) to what needs to get done. 

Which got me thinking: Given the popularity — and effectiveness — of checklists, is that an approach that you could take with your members to spark even more engagement?

Hear me out: You likely send your members a number of emails throughout the month asking them to engage with you in some way, shape, or form. (To register for an event or to read an article, for example.) And sometimes, your members will take action. But sometimes, they won’t. 

Rather than just “taking what you can get,” why not take another stab at engagement by sending one additional email with ALL of your “asks” listed. This wouldn’t even necessarily have to be a standalone email. It could be as simple as a section at the top of your monthly newsletter. 

For example… 

February Member Checklist:

  • Register for our Spring Summit! Two days of interactive learning, invaluable networking, and just plain ol’ fun. (Early-bird registration ends February 28!)
  • Maximize your Summit experience by downloading our 2020 conference app.
  • Connect with your peers (and potential employers) by updating your member profile.
  • Strengthen your XYZ skills by registering for our June webinar, [Title].

Seems simple enough, right? You might even want to take it a step further by including estimated completion times at the end of each task. (For example, “Maximize your experience by downloading our conference app [2 mins].”)

If your members can see that each of these will only take a couple of minutes, they’re much more likely to follow through completely. 

Now a few tips for creating checklists that spark action: 

  • Keep them short! Four or five bullet points max. The more you ask your members to do, the less likely they are to do anything
  • Use words that showcase member value. (For example, “maximize” and “strengthen,” as used in the checklist above.) Those imply value and prove that those tasks are worth doing. 
  • Include hyperlinks for each and every to-do. If it’s to register for an event, include a link to the registration page. If it’s to update one’s member profile, include a link to login to the members-only portal. The easier it is for members to do, the more likely they are to actually do it — plain and simple.

Member engagement is tough! Creating a monthly checklist is one way to go about it, but there are other tactics out there as well. For more ideas and best practices, check out our comprehensive guide to member engagement below! 

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