We’re now more than six months into the pandemic, and unfortunately, we don’t necessarily feel all that much closer to closing the book on it. Still, we have at least had some time to wrap our heads around it and assess this new environment. We’re no longer just learning to cope. We are moving from asking ourselves “how do we survive” to wondering “how do we thrive?” The stock market has clawed back most if its losses from March, the digital landscape is booming and associations are adapting to this “new normal.”

In fact, a recent survey conducted by MultiView found membership engagement has increased at 43% of associations. Yet, that same survey also found 60% of associations have been forced to reduce budgets. So, how do we accomplish thriving when still facing significant headwinds like this?

That is the motivation for a new free webinar series from MultiView called Thrive vs. Survive: How Associations Can Outwit, Outperform and Outlast Against All Odds. It kicked off last week with Episode 1, titled Brain Over Brawn: Work Smarter, Not Harder. This 30-minute session focused on assessing and filling gaps in your strategic planning, leveraging what you currently have at your disposal, identifying important things you should be doing at your association right now and understanding criteria for finding outside help when you need it.

The full recording of Brain Over Brawn: Work Smarter, Not Harder can be viewed here.

The road to thriving will probably be neither short nor easy, but the future of our organizations depends on a thrivalist way of thinking. Help your association move beyond survival mode with this informative and inspiring webinar series, including the upcoming Episode 2 on Thursday, Oct. 29.

More than Hype: Deliver Value that Exceeds Expectations
Thursday, Oct. 29 2 p.m. ET

You talk a good game to attract new members, but is your value proposition truly what potential members are looking for?

A strong mission, good benefits, and quality offerings are important, but it takes more to prove to someone your association is worth buying into. As expectations continue to raise, make sure your level of service does, too.

Find out and takeaway:
– What potential members want
– What other associations are doing to increase their value and membership
– Important guidelines for conducting an organizational SWOT Analysis
– How to expand your member benefits virtually and attract new members

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