Creating a Compelling “Call for Committee Volunteers” at Your Association or Chamber

by Callie Walker

Few projects could be completed (and/or completed well) without the help of committees. Not only do committee members assist with ideation, but they help with execution, often managing projects from start to finish. 

Talk about a blessing!

Before any of that can happen, though, you first have to find interested and motivated volunteers…and we all know that’s never easy. 

If your current “call for committee volunteers” doesn’t seem to be loud and/or compelling enough, try this variant approach:

When trying to fill committees, many organizations list what committees exist and the primary functions of each committee. For example, “Marketing Committee: Creates marketing materials and manages marketing channels (e.g. social media) to generate buzz around a number of initiatives, particularly [Organization Name]’s Annual Conference.”

And let us first start by saying, there’s nothing wrong with that approach! But if applicants are lacking, try really selling your committees by honing in on some of the experiences volunteers will get to have, along with some of the benefits they’ll reap. For example…

You should join the Marketing Committee if…

  • You enjoy being creative and brainstorming with others
  • You often think, “They (being our organization or another company) should’ve said or done THIS….” 
  • You get a thrill out of seeing your work in action and getting to actually measure the results 
  • You enjoy writing (blogging, especially!) and social media management
  • You want to have a genuine impact on [Organization Name] 

A little bit more compelling than the former description, don’t you think? Here’s another example…

You should join the Young Professionals Committee if…

  • You’re new to the industry, but have veteran-quality ideas
  • You’re looking to gain leadership experience 
  • You’re looking to meet other motivated young professionals 
  • You’d like to have a hand in planning our young professionals programming 
  • You’d like to advocate on behalf of young professionals at [Organization Name] 

Again, by highlighting the experiences a volunteer will get to have, and not only that, but the benefits they’ll reap, you’re much more likely to pique a member’s interest. It pays to approach your communications with “what’s in it for them….” 

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