Membership professionals are focusing on new strategy

by Ashley Neal

As Q1 begins to ramp up, membership professionals are looking for new ways to experiment and engage their audiences. From utilizing social media platforms, recent trends and learning more from upcoming events, this week’s Friday Five shows just what professionals are looking for.

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Here are the five most-read articles from this week’s newsletter:

  1.     5 reasons membership organization leaders should join Sidecar

“If you’re a purpose-driven leader who believes in pushing the envelope, you’ve come to the right place. Find out what’s in it for you with a Sidecar membership.”

  1.   How to come up with catchy event name ideas

“If you’re working on naming your association’s next event, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. After all, an event name is an important factor in sparking your audience’s desire to attend.”

  1.     Mark your calendars for SURGE Forward!

“We spent all of 2020 looking to stay afloat as every industry and organization around the world faced uncertainty and change. Now, it’s time to thrive.”

  1.     3 leadership lessons from “Bachelorette” Taysia Adams

“There’s definitely something to learn from how Adams handled the show despite everything that can go haywire on reality TV. Don’t believe me? Read on.”

  1.     Tap into the TikTok hashtag worth 55 billion views

“From environmental issues and political activism to social justice movements, TikTok users are moving toward sharing and consuming information on important issues.”

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